Monday, January 16, 2012

Visual Hunt - Visual Asia: Year of the Dragon 2012

Visual Hunt - Visual Asia: Year of the Dragon
Sponsored by Nihon Ongaku Publishing, Kanzen ni Jrock & Actuate Eden

The Visual Hunt is an Asian culture and fashion hunt, anything 'Visual' whether it be fashion, accessories, builds, skins, etc. Items inspired by the art of Visual or Oshare kei, Lolita and Kadona fashion, Korean B-boy style or even Bollywood! (And everything in between!) Anything popular culture, traditional, or a new exciting mix of both!

We are hoping to bring a new crowd to the stores we invite and spread the love of Asian popular and Visual culture to more of SL.

The hunt will take place in March, from the 1st to the 31st.

You will be looking for a box like the one on the signs that will be going up soon. (Will post pics of the boxes soon!) This hunt is NOT a freebie hunt. Each hunt box will cost 10L$ and it will be well worth the time and lindens!

We hope you enjoy the Visual Hunt!

To join the hunt group, please join the Nihon Ongaku Publishers Update group.
(Copy and paste this URL into chat and then click it)

Or go to the NOP~ sim and join the sim Subscribe-o-matics if you have no group space!

For a creator application please contact Taki Kujisawa or Kiba Tachikawa in world!

Thank You ~
[NOP~Nihon Ongaku Publishing] & [Actuate Eden]
Visual Hunt Coordinators


Visual Hunt 2012 blog is under construction!

Please check back soon for more info =D